Jack King

Entire Body of
Homage Art

A unique collection to stand on its own merit as original, contemporary imagery based on a distant past. Images spanning across five hundred years of art, produced by well known, and, in some cases, long forgotten Masters.

A Word From The Artist

Since the time of my early youth, I have loved the art and the personal stories of the great Masters of the past. Part of my training, as a young student of the arts, was copying from those Masters in an attempt to train both my hand and eye, to somehow “see” what they saw, and learn from their discoveries. It was a way to gain a level of intimacy with my idols, to connect with their journeys as I was beginning my own.

Jack King
Artist, Lecturer and Educator

Stunning Tribute-Art

A Reflection
of Artistic History

From the charm of Renaissance portraits to the lyrical figures of Botticelli – from the erotic glitter of Gustav Klimt to the dazzling presentation of fifteenth century royalty – Mr. King’s work is not only a celebration of the past, but a resounding statement in contemporary art.

Happy Customers

I will never see art the same after I had the experience of seeing Jack King’s art in person. The layers of depth, color, and detail are truly unmatched. I’ve always admired artists like Mucha and Monet, but knew the likelihood of owning an original painting one day was slim to none. Once I saw Jack’s tributes to them and so many others, I felt like I had finally gotten a chance to own something I’ve only dreamed of. I’m incredibly happy to say I now have one of these paintings hanging in my living room and not a day goes by I don’t look at it in awe. Jack King was an incredible artist and he will always be remembered and admired in my home!

Heather K

Thanks to you, art has become a living, breathing thing for me. It is no longer that utterly useless and irrelevant subject. Rather, it is that beautiful area where we can look and relate to other human beings, often catching a glimpse of the heroism and greatness we are capable of.

Edwin Bulnes
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